Clague Architects have secured a Planning Permission for developer Hill within the historic Kentish village of Cranbrook, working as part of a multi-disciplinary team including FPCR and Ardent.

The project, which was unanimously passed by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s Planning Committee in April will, see the construction of a range of sensitively designed new homes being built on an allocated site to the south of the High Street.  The masterplan creates new footpath links and upgrades to existing routes along with large areas of public open space and new areas of woodland planting along with the retention of existing key mature Oak trees.

The sensitively designed homes pick up on the architectural detailing and materiality of historic Cranbrook and along with their massing and form create a development with  sense of character that compliments the existing village. A key design element is a new home in the Crane Valley which picks up on elements of traditional oast houses. This building acts as a wayfinding element within the development providing a distinctive built form visible from several areas within the site. The images show early concept sketches of key perspective views from within the site.

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