Start date: 5th June 2020

End date: 17th July 2020

Distance covered: 249miles

6 weeks ago, Clague Architects decided it was time to make our way slowly back to the office, to beat the monotony of working from home and staying in doors to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

The objective was to connect the Clague Team across Kent, by any means of exercise available, within the restrictions of the lockdown, hopeful that by the end of this epic journey the team will all but few be back together.

Our challenge has seen 16 willing participants cover 249miles in total, from the south to the east and to the North of Kent,  taking on challenges some had never attempted before, pushing boundaries to the limit and finding new and interesting ways to stay active in a confined environment, and succeed we did, and this is how it came to a close.

A week ago it was announce that George Esdaile, Architect and Associate for Clague, chosen man to front the Finale, had been injured during training.  George, much to his dismay, obtained an injured knee on one of his training runs for the finale of Clague Reconnect.

Panic set in as all but the last few miles had been achieved with the end so close, it was looking like the last few paces to the office were too much for this team to accomplish, until, the hero of the hour, stepped forward and said ‘I will run it!’.

Chris Davison, having already completed 26miles for the cause, decided he would cover the last 5 miles, incorporating a visit to the Pilgrims Hospice to thank them for their contribution to our society and then the final run back to the office.  Chris did us proud.

With 10 miles of roller blading, 20 miles of walking, 9 miles of bouncing, 34 miles of running and  176 miles of cycling complete, including a near disaster for a kidney donor, an injury incurred during training and a near miss with a sheep, we all reconnect back at the Clague Offices, 62 Burgate Canterbury.  Over the last 6 weeks we have seen a large percentage of the office return to work safely and successfully, our object is being achieved and life is getting back to some form of normal.

And so, we draw this challenge to a close, with one last ditched attempt to encourage everyone who may see this post, to donate some money the Pilgrims Hospice, who do so much for the communities in Kent and bring us peace and security in some of the worst times of our lives.

Please if you could spare a few pounds, and use the following link to support this worthwhile charity, we will be eternally grateful

With all said and done, lets end with a final quote, as we remember:

‘Unity is strength…. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.’  Mattie J. T. Stepanek

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