This is it, the penultimate leg before the finale of Clague Reconnect, a journey that has brought estranged colleagues back together, covered hundreds of miles and raised much needed funds for the Pilgrim’s Hospice.

Architect Philippa Cheetham is blessed with the honour of passing the virtual baton for the very last time before it finally comes to rest at Clague Offices, 62 Burgate, Canterbury.


On 1st June 2020, 62 Burgate saw the first group of people to return to the office, with all the social distancing and safety requirements in place.  Philippa was within this group, and with the challenge before her, she decided to cycle to Canterbury for work and for her leg of the relay.

Philippa has covered the journey around 50 times to date and now knows the route like the back of her hand, the latest journey was the muddiest with the rainy weather coming in and sheep blocking her path as well, the sheep were clearly not going to allow her leg of Clague Reconnect to be an easy one.


So, here’s to Philippa, for safely returning to work, for completing her journey to pass the baton to a local Canterbury based colleague for the final time and for putting in all the effort to raise money for charity.

May we ask you  please put your hands in your pockets for Philippa’s cycling and contribution to the Pilgrims Hospice.  Donations can be made on the following link


After Philippa’s challenging ride to work with all the mud and sheep, I thought you might like this ‘What do you get if you cross a lamb and a rocket? A Space Sheep’

 Time for a visit to the Pilgrims Hospice on route back to the Office for the Final Leg of Clague Reconnect.

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