This award was given in recognition of their work in developing opportunities for students to engage at a high level. This covered many areas of emerging thinking in architectural and urban design and, at the same time, significantly improve post-graduate employment prospects.

The trio were praised for their imaginative and coherent briefs, and ongoing success in stimulating student curiosity and engaging their enthusiasm.

Not only had the students been expected to undertake in-depth contextual analysis, but to also grapple with the complexities of contemporary domestic space. This included balancing very particular ergonomic requirements with the technical specifics of servicing requirements and building fabric performance. This was further complicated with the difficult challenge of accommodating all of this within a sensitive historic environment.

Through a combined enthusiasm and in-depth subject knowledge, Ben has successfully encouraged his students to have a growing passion for interrogative design, which goes beyond that typically expected in early architectural education. The students praised Ben for his genuine interest in helping them with enthusiasm and involvement, whilst others commented on his high level of knowledge about the subject and history. Through this, he has both taught and inspired them to appreciate the details and delicacies.

Congratulations to Ben on a fantastic and well-deserved achievement.


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