This year the Fentress Global Challenge received over 500 entrees from students in more than 50 countries around the world.

The brief sought the creative re-imagination of the Airport of the Future, and to improve the ‘passenger terminal’ experience. Chris delved deep into all not only the fundamentals of air terminal architecture, but also explored the wider future of aviation, including mobility and use patterns, urbanisation and globalisation, emerging technologies, security and the very notion of the travelling ‘passenger’.

Chris explains, “I set out to explore new airport typology that takes account of emerging technological trends and smart city concept. This then informed a new urban form within the existing land ownership of Heathrow airport. Planes are processed as part of a ‘drive-through’ concept that sits below the airport terminal, allowing ground-based plane traffic and waiting times to be reduced. Technological innovations suggest a reduction in physical passports, security and immigration as these move to online environments. A ‘stateless’ international zone sits at the core of the concept to provide open access to visitors and guests, and creates a global destination that defines the notion of the UK’s position in the global community.”

We’re very proud of Chris on this achievement, and look forward to seeing what he comes up with next!






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