Through this programme enhanced ICT and property modernisation projects will act as enablers, ensuring staff work more flexibly and collaboratively across services within KCC and with our partners, including better utilisation of management and information systems to shape provision around the customer. Property rationalisation will be a consequential benefit of delivering cultural change to working practices.
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Since appointment as Architects in April 2016, Clague Architects, alongside WW Martin Ltd, have been developing the new ways in which people work at two sites:

Kent County Council Social Services, St Peter’s House, Broadstairs and Swale District Office, Avenue of Remembrance, Sittingbourne.

This has involved creating brand new open plan offices, with all the facilities needed to helps towards creating a more efficient way of working with Kent County Council.

The photographs attached show the development of Phase 1 at the Sittingbourne site:


new ways 2 edit 2


new ways 2 edit

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