As Partner Tim Wolfe-Murray dons his cycling gear, he strives to achieve new heights by heading up to his newly converted loft to mount his Watt Bike in a hot unairconditioned environment.


With the weather in recent weeks, Tim has had to battle his way through tropical temperatures, at an altitude 6m above finished floor level, to achieve the 15 miles to complete the distance from Barham to Wye.  Tim did 20 miles to ensure he covered the distance well and in doing so tested his new loft insulation was in good working order.


With no changing landscapes on his journey, due to his road bike currently being out of action, Tim’s only option was to try and reach the height of the distinctive green copper steeple at Barham.


Please don’t let Tim’s efforts go to waste, please take the time sponsor this worthy cause and help us to raise much needed money for the Pilgrims Hospice.  Donations can be made on the following link

Another successful leg is completed in aide of the Pilgrims Hospice, and as the saying goes ‘If you can’t stand the heat get out of the newly insulated loft’

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