The site is a former agricultural dairy holding but was subsequently converted to stabling with a large steel portal frame building.

The proposal seeks to create a linear form of development whilst maintaining a rural aesthetic, using a high quality material palate.  The scheme draws upon agricultural design with steeply pitched roofs and large windows providing views over the atmosphere of the flat landscape and big skies.  The use of squat chimney stacks breaks up the roofing mass and grounds the buildings within the landscape.

The combination of familiar building elements and materials; brick and lime mortar, slate tiles and timber are carefully composed to reinforce a sense of place and create homes that are complementary in their character, clearly of their time, yet with an identity firmly rooted in their rural setting.

Medway Council who praised the scheme in their assessment of the application said:

The scheme has been designed to maintain the green areas around the development and enhancing the rural setting with further landscaping. The buildings are of a high quality design that would maintain a rural aesthetic and enhance landscape views of the site’.

Take a look at the CGI’s and Site plan below.



Artist’s Impression


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