At our recent visit to site it was good to see the progress being made by Baxall Construction, the construction of the new sixth form centre and canteen is going well with Innovare Systems on site installing their hybrid SIPS superstructure and  GSE Building and Civil Engineering Ltd on site completing the substructure works for the proposed canteen.


The ground floor SIPS panels and steelwork have all been installed, as have the majority of the first floor planks and staircases.  In coming weeks the first floor panels and roof cassette units are to be installed.


On the canteen the formwork and reinforcement was in place ready for the concrete to be poured.  Once cured the steel frame will be erected in the coming weeks.  When construction is completed it will enable the existing substandard accommodation to be demolished.


It is great to be working with Baxall Construction, Kent County Council, Gravesend Grammar School, Fusion, Wilson & Partners, B&M, HOB Mechanical and Gilbert and Stamper, Playle and Partners LLP, Lloyd Bore on this project.  We look forward to bringing further updates as the project progresses.

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