The relay is now well under way, with 3 legs completed and 28 miles covered so far, Architectural Technologist, Malcolm Parfitt, takes the baton to complete leg number 4.


Within Clague Malcolm works closely with Partner, Lee Batten, delivering an eclectic range of projects from Housing Developments to Sports Halls to Crematoriums.


One of their more current projects being Wealden Crematorium in East Sussex.  This crematorium featured in the national news recently, as Crematoriums are playing a major role in people’s lives more regularly than ever.  Never has a place of remembrance been more significant than now, and through thoughtful design, a building can contribute to the comfort that is felt by the few loved ones that get to attend the service and say good bye.


And so, Malcolm dons his running shoes to complete his half marathon from Deal to Barham for the Pilgrims Hospice.  Malcolm has lately taken up running and completes his course from Deal to Barham in 4no. 3.25 mile runs over 4 consecutive days, each day becoming slightly more painful.  Not one to be deterred, he completes it successfully with a smile on his face, happy to have contributed to the task of bringing the team back together and raising money for a very important cause.


Please do take the time sponsor this worthy cause and help us to raise much needed money for the Pilgrims Hospice.  Donations can be made on the following link

Many thanks to Malcolm for his epic part in this journey, reminding us that ‘A little progress each day adds up to big results’

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