The prominent site is located at the junction of Chart Road and Carlton Road in Ashford.

The scheme follows a successful sequence of planning consultations with Ashford Borough Council Senior Planning Officer Claire Marchant, concluding with a very positive report to committee.

The contemporary scheme is to provide 100% affordable housing, with a mix of shared ownership and social rent tenures.  The contemporary scheme manages constraints such as the adjacent railway line, variable scale and enclosure with a series of three distinct apartment buildings which grow in scale from Chart Road to the adjacent railway bridge.


Recent influences including that of the national lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus have dictated a sizeable on site communal amenity space and large private balconies or terraces for all dwellings.  High levels of natural lighting are provided within the apartments, which boast dual orientation and floor to ceiling windows and doors.

The design team, lead by Partner Pat Mills, utilised the 3D-modelling capabilities of Revit to both interrogate the proposals as they evolved and also to illustrate work in progress and design development as part of the Ashford Borough Council planning consultation.


Pat Mills commented “We are increasingly finding the benefits of Revit software during the concept and design stages of our work. It  allows us to quickly interrogate building masses and architectural form much quicker than is possible through traditional 2-D drafting techniques. Revit also allows us to provide equally important commercial data for our client when reviewing the viability of our design with its powerful scheduling opportunities.  This all within a medium which is ready to be seamlessly transitioned into production information and technical development.”


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