The brief set the task of discovering new designs for a contemporary garden city that could meet the very new needs of the 21st century, whilst balancing the social aspirations of Ebenezer Howard’s pioneering vision at the turn of the 20th century.

Our concept stems from a recognition of the prevailing trend to misappropriate the ‘garden’ suffix in describing new settlements, particularly as Howard’s original designs were setting a social framework as much as a planning one. Accordingly we undertook to bring his ideas of community into our design, seeking to reconnect people at the ‘garden’ level rather than across a sprawling suburbia.

The concept imagines a community sharing in the stewardship of a productive landscape, with opportunities ranging from micro-scale urban farming to rural-edge small holdings. Our vision describes a truly “lifetime settlement”, catering equally for young entrepreneurs and seasoned farmers, and provides a variety of housing types and tenures to ensure the community not only grows within the landscape, but also matures accordingly and seeds the next generation.

We are pleased to share our submission boards and imagery here, which was put together by a team including our Part 2 colleagues Chris Johnson and Morgan Hone.

Take a look at the submission sheets in the above PDF.