Kicking off the Clague Reconnect Relay is one of the firms Associates, Architect Christopher Sherlock-Scougall.


To begin the relay, Chris’ challenge is to connect Dymchurch to Folkestone, covering at least 10 miles through a method of his choosing.

Therefore, in honour of the great Captain Sir Thomas Moore, Chris decided to achieve this feat doing laps around his back garden but with a twist.

With his past passion for Ice Hockey, Chris decided to reignite his skills by doing the laps on roller blades, of course this wouldn’t be complete without his protective gloves and his trustee hockey stick.


Chris’ next challenge was to establish how he could monitor the distance he had covered, consequently, putting his mathematical prowess into action, he established that 10 miles is approximately 22,000 steps, this in turn meant that he could borrow his wife’s pedometer to ensure he completed the task at hand, and complete it he did.

To see how Chris got on we have attached a few images and a video, along with an image of Chris in his full Ice Hockey gear just for your enjoyment.


In order to reward Chris for his hard work, we encourage you to please sponsor him and those yet to grab the baton, to enable us to raise as much money for the for the Pilgrims Hospice.

Donations can be made on the following link

And so, to wrap up an unexpected first leg on roller blades, I draw your attention to the words of Sherlock’s most trusted friend, Watson, ‘ Life is full of whimsical happenings’.


Let the baton pass to Folkestone…….. watch this space for the next installment of Clague Reconnect.

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