We agree with the findings of the RIBA that there is little regard to the needs of our aging population when new housing is being built, and we join them in calling for urgent action.

Failure to plan for an older population is putting a huge strain on both communities and the older population. As we are starting to live longer, there is a rise in the health and social care costs of inappropriate housing and we think that it is crucial that UK Government and the construction sector begin to seriously tackle this ‘hidden’ housing crisis. “There is a challenge in the way that we think about home ownership,” Tim says. “Bungalows are very attractive to Over 55s, giving them their own large private gardens. But these do take up a lot of space, and perhaps we should consider building more homes with shared gardens and communal facilities.”

The government’s recent funding for the emerging community housing sector goes some way towards helping this, with the continental ‘co-housing’ model of shared living becoming ever more popular in the UK. “The more we can update our models of new housing to reflect changing patterns of contemporary living, the better we can start addressing the many facets of the national housing crisis. However,” Tim says, “we can’t just increase numbers and believe that the job is done. We must make sure that the houses we deliver are in the right forms for the communities that need them the most.”

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