The application site sits on the western edge of the existing village, lying between the existing settlement and the M11 motorway. The village is well positioned having train services to London Liverpool Street and Cambridge from Newport Railway Station.

The Illustrative Layout proposes retention of a 30 meter wide woodland belt along the western boundary as a buffer to the M11 whilst another historic hedgerow crossing the site east-west is also retained as a spine off which pedestrian and cycle links between the existing community and nearby PROWs. This will all result in improved connections for existing residents to the Harcamlow Way which passes through some of the most beautiful countryside in the whole District including interesting historical sites and delightful country parks in the counties of Essex, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire.

The manner in which any new development engages and integrates into an existing community is critical to its sustained success both socially and economically. To this end, the elevated eastern half of the application site is exploited as a strategic open space where existing and new communities are encouraged to come together. There is very little existing public informal open space in Newport and this further provision is a significant benefit. There is an opportunity for local residents to help shape this space and the land will be public with high quality landscaping, allowing its use by the residents of the area around the site.

The development also proposes to provide additional land in the north of the site to extend the existing allotments to provide this valuable resource to a greater number of local residents. Land to the southeast is proposed to allow new Early Years facilities to be provided. Together with the existing school this will provide an education hub for Newport which is accessible by walking and cycling. This in turn will free up land on the existing primary school site for further expansion and much needed car parking.


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