Beaulieu Park, Chelmsford

Clague submitted a planning application for this 49 unit scheme in 2013.

The importance of a strong, bold and continuous line of development to the western boundary which responds positively to the Neighbourhood Centre, creating a similarly bold, clear and legible edge to the residential development was judged an essential part of the streetscape composition.

Woven into this approach has been an acknowledgement of key view lines as one enters the site. The entrance is placed close to an existing oak tree which reflects an interruption to the building line and an acknowledgement of the entrance into the site from which views are picked up by key buildings. Views towards existing retained trees within the site form a stepping stone out to the open space which lays beyond.

The view to Old Lodge Farm remains an important visual feature in the landscape. Equally, the view back from the old farmhouse to the development has been considered as part of the composition, as has the transition between the development and the open space that lies beyond.

Wixams Map 1