Binney Farm, Allhallows

Clague’s design for new homes on farmland on the Hoo Peninsula has been granted approval by Medway Council. Binney Farm, Allhallows, was home to a series of dilapidated farm buildings, including stable blocks, a milking parlour and an old steel barn. The new homes, to be located on the eastern edge of the village, will consist of three 2-bedroom, five 3-beds and one 4-bed detached house. The designs are inspired by the surroundings, drawing upon agricultural and rural aesthetics to carefully reflect the environment.

Dilapidated farm buildings can now be replaced with nine new homes at Binney Farm, Allhallows, after Medway Council approved our proposals. We worked closely with BTF Partnership to secure the planning permission, and in backing the new homes, planning officers at Medway Council recognised the need to produce sustainable developments in rural areas.

The former milking parlour and large steel barn, alongside a series of wooden stable blocks, will make way for three 2-bedroom houses and five 3-beds arranged within four semi-detached pairs, and one 4-bed detached dwelling.

The proposal seeks to create a linear form of development whilst maintaining a rural aesthetic. It draws upon agricultural design with steeply pitched roofs and large windows providing views over the atmospheric flat landscape and big skies.

Located on the eastern edge of the village and designed to maintain the green areas surrounding the development, the buildings are of high quality and are intended to reflect and enhance the rural setting. A green buffer between homes will promote an area for reptiles and other wildlife.

The use of squat chimney stacks breaks up the roofing mass and grounds the buildings within the landscape. The combination of familiar building elements and materials – brick and lime mortar, slate tiles and timber – are carefully composed to reinforce a sense of place and create homes that are complementary in their character, clearly of their time, yet with an identity firmly rooted in their rural setting.