Cathedral Shop

As one of the oldest and finest ecclesiastical buildings in England, it is vital that any additions onto or around the Cathedral site are undertaken with the greatest of care in order to preserve the legacy of the establishment.

With this in mind, Clague was chosen to design a new Cathedral shop within an existing 18th century building, which would link the Precincts to one of the city’s busiest retail streets. The interior of the shop has been tailored to take full advantage of this prime location and an increasingly diverse product range.

Because of the deep floor plan, the design includes a fully glazed pavilion to the entrance from the Precincts which brings natural light into the interior and also allows visitors to glimpse the Cathedral’s Bell Harry Tower from inside. Interior finishes are light and natural, with beech being used to add warmth. Other work has included extensive restoration to roofs, the rear wall and the Burgate frontage.