Courtsole Farm

Courtsole Farm sits on the periphery of the small village of Cliffe on the Hoo peninsula in Kent. The site comprises of a series of dilapidated agricultural buildings that form a semi-enclosed courtyard fronted by a large run-down farmhouse.

Clague were asked to develop proposals for the conversion of the agricultural buildings into a series of residential units, whilst still keeping the character of a traditional farm complex.

Taking references from the existing Courtsole farmhouse and local villages, the design and layout of the proposed residential units have been carefully considered to respect the form, style and materials that are commonly found within the surrounding area.

The design draws on a clear hierarchy of buildings from the large barn, the smaller granary building, to smallest buildings of the stables and stores which, as an ensemble continue the language of the surrounding countryside.

Courtsole Farm Interior Stairs
Courtsole Farm Staircase
Courtsole Farm Exterior 1
Courtsole Farm side exterior
Courtsole Farm Exterior Dark
Courtsole Farm Beams