Curfew Yard

The redevelopment of the former commercial area known as Curfew Yard in Windsor seeks to replace the existing, somewhat hostile architecture, with an attractive and hospitable living environment.

The land was previously home to two large commercial buildings, which were not only aesthetically stifling, but also formed a visual block to the spectacular view of the castle that is apparent beyond the site. Additionally, the placement and state of the buildings created an unpleasant pedestrian link between the residential area and the castle.

Clague’s design sought to establish the creation of a wider and more welcoming pedestrian link through the scheme, around which the designers proposed a carefully woven mixture of offices and apartments. The stepped building form rises from Bridgewater Terrace through to Thames Street and provides a series of apartments, each with its own external space within the scheme. When viewed from a distance, the uneven yet complimentary roof forms merge seamlessly into the backdrop of this beautiful medieval city.