Cyclopark Pavilion

Having won the commission through an invited competition, Clague set about designing this exciting community project, which was completed in 2012.

A long, linear park had been created near Gravesend and had been earmarked for outdoor activities, including various forms of cycling, skate boarding, equestrian pursuits and walking. Kent County Council therefore required the services of an architectural firm with a good grasp of the leisure industry in order to fulfil their goal of making the park a regional centre for cycling excellence.

The focal point for visitors to the park is the visually stunning pavilion, which is located within the core activity area. Clague conceived this area as a ‘street’, along which every visitor to the park will pass. The intention of the design was to provide clear and direct lines of circulation through the building and beyond, creating a fluidity of movement that adds to the sense of cohesion within the scheme, which is mirrored in the highly legible main structure.

Cyclo Park Race
Cyclo Park Hall
Cyclo Park Site Plan
Cyclo Park Skate Park
Cyclo Park Main