Dover Gateway Centre

Gateway is an innovative Kent County response to customer demand offering transactional services in High Street locations. It moves on from the traditional one-stop shop and meets customer needs with multi-agency and cross-sector solutions. Clague were involved in the concept project in Ashford and assisted the KCC team in establishing the Gateway brand. It brings front office services together in high quality, fully accessible retail locations without the stigma often associated with public sector agencies.

Dover gateway exterior

The interior was designed to accommodate a variety of different needs for community information and yet to be a cohesive and coordinated centre to help the community to understand how everything works together. The tight site for the centre meant that conflicting demands for privacy and openness were a challenge for Clague to meet. Private meeting rooms for confidential consultations with citizens have to work alongside open information terminals, while the space also needs to accommodate workshops, advice sessions and seminars.

The pilot centre in Ashford has been an incredible success story and has set the template for the future of Gateway. Dover will be the final Gateway to be delivered in Phase One of a multi-phase project intended to deliver 14 Gateway centres across major towns throughout the county.

Dover Gateway involves the remodelling and refurbishment of an existing Local Authority high street office and the adjoining former bank to form a new Gateway Centre. The interior has been designed to ensure an open plan feel throughout the building, to assist in creating clear sightlines and make orientation within the building immediately apparent. This also helps to ‘de-mystify’ the services provided, and encourages people to utilise the building.

Dover gateway interior 5
Dover gateway interior 4
Dover gateway interior 2
Dover gateway interior 1