Estuary View Medical Centre

The Estuary View Medical Centre in Whitstable is an important presence in the community, housing both private and public healthcare in one building and servicing local care homes and centres, as well as individual members of the public.

The scheme takes inspiration from the local environment, in particular the nearby breakwaters and the beach huts that dot the local landscape.

The uniquely modern form of the building is courtesy of a bespoke timber façade system, with vertical cedar fins incorporated into its structure. The fins are designed to shade against glare from the low west sun and prevent overheating, but also act as a focal point for the building’s charming aesthetic, creating a play of shadows on the façade.
Making optimum use of natural light throughout the top lit courtyards, the centre is decorated in a bright and bold palette, which helps it stand out as a beacon of community spirit and a landmark for Whitstable and the surrounding towns.

Estuary View Frame
Estuary View Exterior
Estuary View Windows
Estuary View Doorway
Estuary View Seating