Gad’s Hill School

This project is located at the site of Gad’s Hill, Higham, former residency of Charles Dickens. The site has been used for some years as an independent school, with accommodation located throughout Dickens House, but also in later additions that are predominantly clustered around the original house.

Due to the nature of the existing buildings it has become increasingly difficult for the school to operate within the confines of the structures that they currently occupy. The upshot of this is that they have elected to construct two new bespoke school buildings, a junior and senior school, allowing the historic house to be given over as a visitor’s centre.

The Junior School block began construction in summer 2011. It contains a new sports hall, kitchen, dining hall, school hall, administrative centre and teaching accommodation, arranged over two stories. The building is linear in nature, following the trend of the site, and being constructed over the existing car-park. The senior school has accommodation over three stories. This block weaves itself around an existing converted stable and a caretaker’s cottage, located along Crutches Lane.

Gads Hill Music Hall
Gads Hill Sports Hall
Gads Hill Corridor
Gads Hill Exterior 1
Gads Hill Lunch Hall