Halstead Crematorium

Clague secured detailed Planning Approval in 2014 for a new single chapel Crematorium and Memorial Garden on this 2.4 hectare site in rural Halstead near Sevenoaks, Kent.

The building layout is conceived to help orientation and have clear division of public and staff areas, gently leading people through the building. Thus the form of the building is dominated by two strong axial walls which act as thresholds and dissect the floor plan, conceptually separating the different activities. The wall running north to south separates pre-service and arrival moments from the service itself and the chapel and the post service period in the Flower Court.

The building is entirely single storey with green roofs minimizing the impact of the building’s scale and mass in the landscape. The Chapel however, has vaulted ceiling reflecting its spatial importance. The architectural language is of a pure building using a refined palette of materials, helping to create calm tranquil spaces where people can reflect and grieve their loved ones.

The spatial sequence helps to support the mourners journey from the formal colonnaded entrance port-cochere through the transitional waiting area to the more inward looking tranquil chapel back through to the contemplative flower garden that looks out to views towards the Oak tree and the wider landscape to the west.