Hengist Field Care Centre

Clague was engaged to design a 75 bedroom home for dementia care on a rural Kentish site at Borden, near Sittingbourne.

Appointed by Neslar Homes Ltd, the design team were duly briefed on the importance of ensuring that the care centre sat well within its environment. Because of the specific nature of the site’s location, Clague set about articulating traditional volumes and roof forms in order to break down the mass of the building. The aesthetic vision was further established by the use of a traditional palette of materials in construction.

The finished scheme features 75 en suite bedrooms of varying size and character as well as a range of day rooms and lounges. These rooms are set around a landscaped central enclosed courtyard and garden. Considerable care was taken in the design of the home, in order to ensure a warm and inviting atmosphere that would offer differing internal and external experiences for residents, optimising the stunning views of the surrounding countryside.