Herne Bay High School

As part of the Kent Building Schools for the Future programme, Clague’s approach was to focus on how the school functioned as a whole. Much of the existing building fabric was relatively new and / or in a good state of repair. Our approach was therefore to provide architectural interventions in such a manner as to link the existing buildings together and enclose an external space to provide a new “heart” to the school.

Herne Bay School climbing wall

Teaching spaces were provided that consist of a series of learning zones; arranged with large, open plan flexible spaces at the heart of each, with smaller areas of varying sizes located around the perimeter, providing a range of spaces that will adapt to a variety of teaching styles.

This format will support cross–curricular learning, and project based learning as necessary. This will allow students to learn that seemingly disparate subjects can in actual fact interrelate. This combination of varied space types provides the school with a learning environment that has innate flexibility.

Site-wide the proposed scheme provided a new enclosed and covered heart space, formed by constructing a new two storey block in place of the single storey one. This space was then be roofed over to provide an unheated, but covered space.

During our appointment the scope of the project expanded to include an enlarged sports centre facility with community use, greatly enhancing the level of interaction between the school and the local community.

Herne Bay School Sports Hall 2
Herne Bay School Sports Hall
Herne Bay School Playing field