Herne Bay Sports Hub

The brief for this project was to redevelop the redundant, nineteenth century golf club site at Herne Bay with the aim of providing a mixed use development with open space/sports facilities at its heart, centred around Plenty Brook.

Given the nature of the proposals, particular care has been given to the detailed design and layout of the development to ensure that it delivers a high quality environment, which reflects the needs of the local sports clubs and is integrated into the urban fabric of Herne Bay.

The scheme includes a ‘Sports Hub’, Retail store and Petrol Station and it is intended that a mixed use development scheme such as this would allow for the comprehensive planning of a strong and vibrant community, incorporating leisure and recreational opportunities, whilst delivering local jobs and services to create a mixed and balanced neighbourhood .

A mix of land uses also serves to make a positive contribution to the quality of the local environment , providing a range of social experiences. It will also add to the architectural variety of the area by providing a range of visual experiences and spaces within the development providing interest and assisting with legibility.

Herne Bay Hub Pitch
Herne Bay Hub Exterior
Herne Bay Hub Plan
herne bay hub
herne bay hub main