Highgate School

Built circa 1865 to the designs of Frederick Pepys Cockerell, the Big School, together with the Chapel are in the Victorian Gothic style and are Grade II listed buildings. Originally, the Big School building was one large school room with a library area at the upper ground level and four separate classrooms, together with a brick vaulted space known as the undercroft, on the lower ground level. More recently the building has been used as an assembly hall and occasional music performance venue.

The upgrading of, and repairs to the building have provided Highgate School with a flexible and beautiful addition to its Estate. Adaptation has allowed for the accommodation of a library and learning resources centre, whilst still retaining the building’s function as a meeting hall and performance area.

The design has maintained the character of the original hall by making the new mezzanine floor a perimeter gallery, which allows visitors to truly appreciate the volume of the space.

Highgate School Library 2
Highgate School Stairs
Highgate School Library 1