Lacuna is a new residential community within the Kings Hill development, at West Malling, Kent.

The layout of Lacuna minimized the impact of the car through pedestrian conscious design through the inclusion of a hierarchy of urban spaces and by linking the development to the wider King’s Hill community via ribbons of ‘green routes’ and footpaths for walking and cycling.

Lacuna consists of 180 residential units at a density of 58.6 units per hectare featuring 11 basic unit types in a mix of apartments and houses, each designed to accommodate an energetic and vibrant lifestyle with open plan internal spaces and compact manageable private decks and gardens arranged in a complex and varied manner.

Upon completion of the first phase it received widespread plaudits for its national significance in providing an alternative to the meanness of cul-de-sac layout based residential schemes. As an acknowledgement of this successful collaboration between architect and house-builder, it was awarded the House Builder Award at the prestigious RIBA Housing Design Awards in 2003.

Lacuna Garden
Lacuna Interior
Lacuna Gardens
Lacuna Exterior day
Lacuna House Exterior