Luton Bus Station

Luton Bus Station required a redesign in order to improve customer experience, increase ticket sales and provide better information to users. Clague’s designs, with accessibility and facilities in mind, offer multi-level pay points and flexible functionality. A single-storey structure set in the historic hat-making district of Luton, Clague’s redevelopment of the station is sympathetic in its form and design to the building’s surroundings. A key component of the project consisted of new facilities for drivers. A self-contained, private area with its own entrance, refreshments and WC provided staff with an upgraded break space.

Located adjacent to Luton’s main railway station and the Luton Busway Terminus, our designs delivered a publicly accessible space for ticket sales and local event information.

The information desk providing these facilities can be secured when not in use. A key part of the design involved providing a multi-levelled desk facility to ensure it is accessible to all.

The drivers’ facilities provide a restroom with its own entrance, refreshment facilities and a WC. This area has its own controlled access and is self-contained, providing a private environment for drivers to use during their working hours.

The arrangement of the building has been designed to respond directly to its site and location. The building sits on the edge of the historic hat-making district of Luton.

The design takes the form of a single storey structure that offers multiple doorways, and an encasement in glassed curtain walling to open up its interior to the wider area.

The roof provides a strong oversailing form that has been designed to undertake a multitude of roles.