Selwyn Primary School

Due to a need for school spaces for children in the London borough of Newham, Selwyn Primary School sought to evolve from a two-form entry school (2FE) to a 3FE. Working for client Thomas Sindon, Clague Architects were brought in on a Design and Build contract for the £1.5m project. Clague presented feasibility studies and successfully led partners through the design and planning process, resulting in permission being granted. Newham’s Design Review Panel and councillors were on board with the scheme, and work was completed in August 2019. As Selwyn was a live school site, precautions had to be taken to safeguard pupils during construction.

We were tasked with taking Selwyn Primary from a two-form entry school (2FE) to a 3FE.

Working alongside the Thomas Sindon technical team, we presented a revised feasibility study with detailed design concepts to ensure the project remained within budget. This followed a series of engagement events with the head teacher and senior staff of the school.

Our team successfully led partners through the design, planning and submissions process. The scheme was presented to London Borough of Newham’s Design Review Panel and councillors and permission was granted.

The expansion of the school was driven by local population growth, and the need for more school spaces in London. We worked closely with Thomas Sindon’s commercial team to ensure that as the project evolved, it remained within budget.

As a live school site, we had the added challenge of ensuring the safety of pupils during the works while we added a new reception block. We project planned the design and build process to give students direct access to the playground without encountering any members of the public or contractors. Construction work commenced shortly after permission was granted and work completed in August 2019.

Photo Credit to Thomas Sinden.