St. Elizabeth House

This scheme involved the provision of eight enhanced care flats to complement the range of accommodation provided at St John’s Hospital.

Over many years Clague have cared for the almshouse buildings at St John’s and St Nicholas Hospitals for the Trustees. Works have involved many schemes of repair and maintenance involving a range of specialist skills and upgrading of boilers and reordering kitchens and bathrooms. The site chosen was adjoining the scheduled monument comprising the ruins of Archbishop Lanfranc’s Dormitory and Reredorter.

In view of the sensitivity of the site great care was taken to design a building suitable for its location, located as it is at the back of properties within Northgate. The Local Authority required a design which was not obviously one structure and so the roof scapes have been divided up to represent a collection of buildings.

Internally Elizabeth House has been laid out in an open fashion with communal space in the centre of the building reached by an open staircase. This had been achieved by the fire escape stairs being positioned in the corner of the building so that the whole has a homely feel and that the new flats are light and spacious in contrast to existing accommodation at St John’s.

The scheme was awarded The Patron’s Award by the Almshouse Association in 2001.