Traditional Architecture & Placemaking

Place and context are paramount to us – Our Practice headquarters are based in the historic centre of Canterbury and we are regularly entrusted with working in historic settings, precious landscapes and in places of varied character throughout the UK.

We aspire to understand, safeguard and improve the places where we work so that as well as helping them to grow and meet changing needs, we reinforce their character and sense of place. Central to this is regional variation which we’ve been exploring and celebrating in our architecture for decades.

Whether on private homes, small infill sites within Conservation Areas or on larger strategic allocated housing sites, we love to analyse and explore the richness of the local context and characters of place, streetscape, form, language, materiality & detailing.

Principles from the Arts & Crafts movement and more recently the New Urbanism movement inform our approach to creating characterful & tactile buildings set amongst walkable neighbourhoods with a sense of identity.

We delight in opportunities to work with enlightened clients developing sensitive architectural responses to places of varying character, that will fit comfortably in its context and look as though it were always there. Over the past 20 years we have completed many such projects which continue to settle well in their context with the passing years. Some of these projects are on former urban bomb sites, village brownfield sites or within curtilages of designated heritage assets.

Some examples are illustrated here at Canterbury, Tonbridge, Whitstable, Swale, Faversham, Wye & Hadlow amongst other places.

These projects bring together our twin specialisms of Placemaking & Heritage