University of East London

With previous Masterplans for the scheme from 1988 and 1996, this East London sports and leisure facility had been given considerable attention before Clague was brought on board.

Intended as both a sports centre and an academic facility, the site was to be of great importance to the institution and so the Clague design team were engaged to reinterpret and develop the existing plans, taking the project right through to completion.

Architecturally, the building is unified and contained under one roof, which has allowed the mass to be broken down. Certain elements of the building are strategically exposed in order to create a sense of clarity and legibility within the design, with regard to the specific uses of each part of the building. Of particular note are the three dance studios exposed in the East elevation, which consist of double height spaces that are illuminated after dark, allowing passersby to see the silhouettes of those dancing inside and creating a spectacular ‘animated’ effect.

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UEL Building
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