Woodvale is a development located within the Forest Hill conservation area.

The challenge on this previously developed brownfield site at Forest Hill, was to enhance an existing planning consent following the purchase of the site by our developer client. The site, located within the Forest Hill conservation area, required a traditional approach to the street scene on its primary façade, whilst maintaining privacy to the rear and accommodating a retained vehicular access for an ongoing commercial use. The site sloped steeply from the main public façade, creating a varied change in level between public and private facades.

Four properties were designed with a bespoke split ground/ lower ground floor to suit the changing site levels, thus creating an active streetscape to Woodvale that sits comfortably within its varied context.

A further three dwellings were located within the accessed from the retained vehicle access way.

Through extensive planning negotiations Clague achieved a significant increase on the net developed area of the site; producing seven bespoke family dwellings in a Victorian style.

The property interiors have an urban contemporary aesthetic, providing stunning living and sleeping accommodation.